Let's stop the spread of COVID-19 together

StoriesOnBoard supports remote teams during this challenging time of COVID-19.

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Free subscription

We're offering 3 months free of StoriesOnBoard for anyone working on COVID-19 related projects that are strictly not-for-profit.


Learn how StoriesOnBoard supports remote teams

More than 1200 product teams with thousands of remote members are using StoriesOnBoard around the globe. Learn more about features, designed for remote backlog management and remote collaboration.



Weekly hints for a better remote collaboration

If you’re trying your best to stay on top of the COVID-19 situation, these short hints are for you.

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Right after the registration you'll receive an email with the application form, submit the form and our support team will set up the free plan on your account. In case of losing this email, please contact us using the in-app chat snippet.

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You can start working immediately on your project enjoying the 14 days free trial. In the meantime our team will process your application.