Build loveable products
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Create a high-level roadmap of your product initiatives and share it with your stakeholders.

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Say goodbye to clunky prioritization methods and make decisions with confidence with one of the easiest prioritization techniques.

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Build visual backlogs that everybody understands, slice out the releases and push user stories to you favourite issuetracker. Story mapping-only plans are available.

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Streamline your user feedback into the same repository and frame feature ideas from these insights. Keep your customers in the feedback loop by sharing a public portal.

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What is StoriesOnBoard?

StoriesOnBoard helps Product Managers understand customer needs, automate feedback collection, develop feature ideas, prioritize and validate what to develop next with a public roadmap and rally all stakeholders around the story map.

Story mapping — the backlog that everybody understands.

Create user personas

Start with user personas — add goals, pains and personality for better understanding their needs.

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Map the user journey

Discover user goals and journey, brainstorm with your team using the story map. Add user stories to each steps.

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Slice out the MVP

Prioritize features based on most value to the use and define the core product functions, and further releases.

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Invite stakeholders

The story map is a visual aid for non-technical stakeholders, invite them to take part of the design process for free.

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Roadmapping — share a high-level overview of your product.

Share product vision

Pick a pre-made roadmap template and tailor it to your needs with just a few clicks.

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Track progression

Have quick overview of what's happening among the developer.

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Flexible roadmapping

Create business initiatives, prioritize them and detail later in the product backlog.

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Portfolio overview

Visualize multiple products or workstreams on the single roadmap with ease.

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Integrate with the tools you use every day

Sync your story maps with your favorite issue trackers and automate product feedback collection.

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Prioritizing — make product decisions with confidence.

Pick the right method

Choose one of most efficient prioritizing frameworks and start prioritizing with your team.

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Standardize prioritizing

Turn gut feelings into a collaborative experience and make unbiased decisions

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Involve your team

Tailor prioritization sessions to your team's taste with custom session rules.

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Visualize strategy

Share feature ideas on a public portal and get upvotes and new insights from you customers.

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Feedback management — the easy-to-use hub for great ideas.

Streamline feedbacks

Integrate your feedback channels into the same repository and process them effortlessly.

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Smart feedback processing

Save time on processing incoming insights by automations and smart feature suggestions.

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Develop feature ideas

Collaborate with your team to develop feature ideas, add content, attachments, mockups and categorize them by your needs.

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Validate your roadmap

Share feature ideas on a public portal and get upvotes and new insights from you customers.

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StoriesOnBoard is there to support me throughout the entire product management process from discovery, through validation and feedback collection to refinement. Integrating it with Jira and using the Chrome extension has saved our team so much valuable time.


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