Prioritize backlog items on the roadmap and make decisions with confidence

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How to prioritize your backlog effectively through standardization?

Make informed product development decisions. Tailor prioritization workflows to your team with custom sesssion rules.

Powerful prioritization frameworks

  • Pick one of the most popular prioritization frameworks

  • Prioritize high-level roadmap items and initiatives

  • Tailor prioritization framework to your businesssoon

user feedback collection
convert user feedback into feature ideas

Involve team members

  • Include your team members or even stakeholders in prioritization sessions

  • Turn on the framework guide while a prioritization session — everybody will be on the same page

  • Add team rules and notes to the guide, to make the process even more clear to participantssoon

Visualize product strategy

  • Support decisions recommendations like 'Quick wins', 'Time sinks', 'Big bets', etc

  • See the big picture by visualizing backlog items on the prioritization matrixsoon

  • Switch to visual by prioritization on the priority matrixsoon

develop feature ideas from user feedback

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