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Boost product discovery with a visual tool

product discovery for agile projects

Master the entire agile product discovery process with the help of story mapping

StoriesOnBoard's user story mapping solution offers a visual and collaborative way to bridge the gap between having a concept and realizing it. Understang user problems, ideate solutions, create prototypes, define the project's scope, manage expectations, involve non-technical stakeholders and push the project for development - all in the same tool. The app syncs with most task management tools so it will fit right into your agile workflow.

Focus on the problem

  • Create the vision statement

  • Visualize goals and dependencies

  • Include your team members for free

visualize agile project goals with your team
user personas for product discovery

Define the target audience

  • Create user personas with stunning BIOs

  • Use our templates to collect all the crucial info

  • Visualize the relationship between the target audience and their goals

Map the narrative flow

  • Explore potential user journeys

  • Arrange user steps into a narrative flow

  • Visualize different user journeys

product discovery user journeys

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Hook your discovery backlog up with your product management tool

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Explore solutions

  • Brainstorm online in real-time

  • Use the powerful brainstorming mode to involve your team

  • Add short descriptions to user stories

  • Boost visuality by colors and annotations

product discovery user stories
prioritize backlog items for product discovery

Prioritize backlog items

  • Arrange cards into priority order by drag and drop

  • Slice out a prototype or releases

  • Sync backlog and cards to your favorite issue tracker

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StoriesOnBoard help me to make my discovery process even better, you can easily map your product.

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