Requirements management software for Agile Teams

Manage requirements visually for effortless scoping

requirements management software for agile teams

Define the requirements that will make your product truly lovable

StoriesOnBoard's requirement management offers a visual and collaborative solution to define the project's scope, manage expectations in a visual way, involve non-technical stakeholders and push the project for development. The app syncs with most task management tools so it will fit right into your agile workflow.

Lightweight solutions for collecting requirements

  • Just the right amount of features to frame the problem

  • Fast story-writing features for catching all crucial information

  • Powerful brainstorming mode to get all the valuable ideas

requirement collection for agile projects
write agile requirements fron scratch

Write requirements from scratch

  • Create easy-to-understand descriptions to define requirements

  • Attach documents and pictures for a better understanding

  • Estimate efforts

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop the project's scope

  • Invite your team to build a shared understanding and make requirements clear

  • Allow remote team members to stay up to date with requirements

  • Encourage external stakeholders to join and leave comments - for free

develop software requirements with your team

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Hook your requirements backlog up with your product management tool

Browse our integrations list and save valuable time by syncing requirements with the task management solution of your choice.

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Manage requirements seamlessly

StoriesOnBoard facilitates effortless requirements management by making it easy to follow up on feature requests coming in. Automated feedback sorting & management take the burden off Product Managers so they can focus on what's most important: translate user needs into actionable feature ideas.

Group product requirements upon product needs

  • Three-level boards to visualize epics and the narrative flow

  • Add user personas to better understand the project

  • Move backlog items with drag and drop

managing product requirements based on the product's needs
develop software requirements with your team

Prioritize requirements with most value to the user

  • Visualize priority order by arranging backlog items

  • Boost visuality by using colors and labels

  • Define versions for downstream processes

Join 1000+ teams that build lovable products with StoriesOnBoard

My team used StoriesOnBoard as our story mapping tool of choice for a requirements definition project with a client. We ran 8-10 story mapping workshops using the tool and documenting the stories as we progressed through the workshops. The client loved the tool and so did we.

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Business Analyst

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Track requirements iteration by iteration

Products that user actually love aren't built in a day - as the ancient Roman saying goes. This is why the app will help you collect and build upon user/customer feedback iteration by iteration and gives you plenty of flexibility to adjust requirements on your story map.

Manage requirement versions with a story map

  • Arrange versions by drag and drop

  • Estimate and specify versions for better engagement

  • Roadmap the product through versions

manage requirement versions on a story map
plan releases with a story map

Board-ready status reports just a click away

  • Follow the project from a bird's-eye view

  • Create custom status reports at any time with a few click

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